September 2 to 26 2017

Wildlife artist Lucy Newton is well known to The Line and our visitors, and her work both captivates in its immediacy and fascinates in its accurate detail. This is a show which is being prepared as we write - the contents remain largely in the eye of the artist. As a taster of what is to come, this Goldfinch and Fawn are here as ambassadors of the work that will fill The Line in September.

The exhibition will open on Saturday September 2nd and continue until Tuesday September 26th. You will not want to miss it!

August 5 to August 29 2017

 Windward - Cockleroy Hill by Clare Yarrington

Remains in the Landscape

Pauline McGee and Clare Yarrington

This exhibition explores the cycle of creation and destruction evident in the landscape. Pauline and Clare are fascinated by the striking visual remains of man-made structures that are slowly being reclaimed by the natural world and by the formations of nature that are continually being shaped by the elements.

On show will be a range of work such as drawings of Nairn Viaduct and Wester Ross hut circles and mixed media pieces inspired by the dry stone walls of Glen Isla and prehistoric standing stones. 2017 is the Scottish Year of History, Heritage and Archaeology and this exhibition highlights some of the wonderful sites in Scotland such as the West Lothian prehistoric burial site of Cairnpapple Hill. In addition both Clare and Pauline have made new works for the Line Gallery exhibition inspired by nearby Cockleroy Hill.

“The dynamic, ever-changing remains in the landscape captures both our imaginations.  While we both like to experience the landscape first hand through walking and climbing, our distinctive backgrounds and artistic practices mean that we interpret these experiences in different ways”  

Direction finder, Cockleroy Hill by Pauline McGee

July 8 to August 1 2017

Small Monuments by Rosalind Lawless

Here at The Line we are always cheered by the numbers of artists who are keen to share their creative work with us, and with Linlithgow. For this show we are very pleased to bring together Lesley Anne Derks, with whose paintings people will be familiar (for example the much loved painting of The Line Gallery from 2004 which takes pride of place above our desk) and Rosalind Lawless, whose meticulous printmaking may be new to many.

Lesley Anne has exhibited here many times over the years, and we have been delighted by her representation of light. Most often she has shown evening street scenes - from Linlithgow, Scotland and around the world - but now she is moving indoors. Light and lighting are still a major focus, but the spaces are more contained and the impact concentrated.

Rosalind is a fine printmaker and often teaches at Glasgow Print Studio - many have benefited from her patient teaching and challenges. Here she shows work which continues her enduring interest in architecture, and focuses on the space between built elements. Bold colour and seemingly simple construction belie work full of subtlety and intensity.

Parisian Chandeliers by Lesley Anne Derks

June 17 to July 4 2017

For those who know Linlithgow, there has never been any doubt about the creative talent fostered and encouraged within the town. A recent manifestation of that has been seen in the formation of the Linlithgow Arts Collective, a membership organisation of artist's either currently attending , or recently graduated from, arts schools throughout Scotland. Alex Heywood, whose work is above, is one example - Douglas Cook, whose degree show in Dundee is from May 19 to 28, and whose work is below is another.

The Line is delighted to host the Collective's second annual exhibition from June 17 to July 4th, and we take delight in welcoming you to view the work of Linlithgow's talented young people.